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View Our PortfolioA dynamic database driven website that requires little maintenance.  Easy to use and very powerful is what all of our content management system driven websites provide.

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Surf and Edit

After securely logging into the administration area, the user is presented with their website wrapped in our editing feature-set.  Users may navigate through the website, but now with the administration bar to add content; edit existing content; copy, cut, paste content; view current, past, and future content; publish, remove, or delete content; and all of the other features the system offers.

User Profile and Security Levels

Three levels of security with an unlimited number of users for each level.

  • Administrator: has rights over all aspects of the site content and administrates user profiles 
  • Author: can create, update and edit content. 

Scheduling Content

Content can be scheduled on a particular start and end date, allowing the content to be published and removed based on these dates. System users can navigate in a past, current, or future content mode

Work Flow

Workflow allows the Administrators to control the content being presented on the site. Once content is submitted by an Author, the Administrator receives an email with the Authors comments. The Administrator can add comments during the process of content approval and an email is sent back to the Author.  (Professional version only)

Search Engine

The search functionality provides the ability to return only content that is relevant to you, not pages and pages of results that were not related to your search criteria. The user can specify the number of items per page (5, 10 or 25 items per page which can be modified to suit your needs). The search will filter out noise words (such as "the", "is") in the same way that a Google or MSN search would. The search results are based on weight; meaning text found in the content's title will have a higher ranking than text found in the content's paragraph.


The site design is completely separate template that makes the site's design difficult to 'break' with the customization of the content.  We can provide a completely new look and feel for your website, or we can convert your existing website to a template that works with our tool.

Application Programming Interface (API)

From a technical standpoint, the web application is a three-tiered application with a fully documented API and database.  Programmers adding features to this application will love the ease in which they can interface with this product.

Custom Modules

The platform is open source and there are thousands of add-ons, many of the free. ITO can build an add-on for what-ever you need.  Most of the existing add-ons we have developed are used for CRM integration, eCommerce and lead conversion assistance.


ITO - Internet Hosting Operations

At ITO network availability, integrity, and confidentiality are the backbone of our e-business. We employ the latest software, hardware and infrastructure technologies which makes our Hosting Operations Center world class.

Our Network Security Philosophy

In the information age, protection of data is critical for success.  To better serve its customers, ITO strives to ensure uninterrupted service and a high level of security on its high-bandwidth network that is used to transmit customer data. Our systems are protected against natural, accidental, and man-made service interruptions.

We are committed to helping our customers and partners identify and solve potential network security problems. ITO’s network provides:

Collaboration with industry-leading managed security service providers

We recommend that all who depend on the Internet for business utilize high-quality security measures to protect their e-business enterprises.

Uptime is Important

During Hurricane Juan in 2004 we experienced only a brief (4.5 minutes) service interruption while most of the city was dark for as much as 4 days. 

Pricing and Package:

Drop us an email to find out more.  ra (@) ito (.) ca

Email Hosting

SmarterMail Professional Edition  offers a web-based email client that can be used to send and receive email messages. 

End users have the ability to keep a contact list, to customize their own content and spam filtering, they can watch email bandwidth (usage), and much more.

SmarterMail's features are available using any browser and standard internet access (even dial-up).

Features that Benefit End Users

  • NEW! Reduce spam more effectively using Bayesian Filtering
  • NEW! Easy spam administration at the system, domain, or user level
  • NEW! Multi-language support allows multiple translations of the webmail interface
  • NEW! Folder auto-clean allows easy control over the size of folders
  • NEW! Advanced content filtering
  • NEW! Save messages in draft folder
  • Complete web interface allows users to check their email from any computer at any time
  • Spam and content filtering at both the domain and individual user level
  • Automated login to bypass multiple logins for a seamless experience
  • Compose and read messages with foreign character sets
  • Ties in with SmarterMailMon
  • Online address book
  • Built-in spell check that is available in multiple languages
  • Auto-responders

Features that Benefit Domain Administrators

  • NEW! Domain-wide spam defaults
  • Full List Serv availability with optional digest mode
  • Statistics for users
  • Domain aliasing
  • Catch-all aliases