Expert Lead Generation

ITO has been doing lead generation, appointment setting and sales closing for other companies for over 10 years now and have worked with some of the largest companies in the Maritimes. Our two main areas of expertise are the technology and the training industry. We hope your business is a great fit for our B2B selling professionals.

Our solution for you includes:

  1. List creation and vetting at the company level – targeting by location, employee size and industry
  2. Calling into and identifying the key decision maker(s) in the company 
  3. Qualifying the prospects as 
    1. capable of decision making, or influencing the final decision
    2. ability to purchase from you
    3. or might be in the marketing within the next 6-12 months
    4. Not a client now
  4. Ask for willingness to take the next step:
    1. an appointment 
    2. or a call back for a quote on their current situation
    3. save money will probably be the lead-in for this final step
  5. We would then hand off to appropriate sales rep or key contact at your business

We provide weekly reporting on activity and month reporting stats and invoicing.

We offer the following pricing:

  • Monthly fee - negotiable
  • Per lead fee 200.00*

* This is an estimate only. Monthly plus per lead fees will put the actual cost per lead at around 260.00 to 280.00.

We take care of the rest. I would propose a 3 month minimum with 3 month extensions and a one month cancellation clause. The monthly fee would be paid at the start of the month and the commission per lead will be invoiced at the end of the month. If paying by company cheque we would expect net 30. If paying by credit card we would expect payment upon invoice receipt and sign-off.

We do not expect to get paid for any lead under dispute, but would work with you to resolve anything under “dispute” to a lead or a no.


We recommend adding a monthly fee for direct mail. Our system of direct mailing will increase appointment setting and lead generation by 100% in the long term (approximately 6-12 months ROI). It is easy for us to do, but it would probably involve working with marketing to get approval to implement this campaign. We can discuss this in more detail if you think you can add another 1,000 to 2,000 per month to the budget.

Do the Math:

If you paid 6,000.00 a month for 30 leads and closed 3 every month from these leads - and your average gross profit is 5000.00 per sale then:

  Leads*  Sales**   Cost Gross Profit***  Net Profit 
 Month 1 30  8,400.00  15,000.00  6,600.00 
 Month 3 90  14  25,200.00  70,000.00  44,800.00 
 Month 6 180  29  50,400.00  145,000.00  94,600.00 

* Total leads
** Compounding, but deteriorating - so you may close 3 sales from the first months sales and close 2 sales the following month and then one sales after that.  Your closing ratio would be approximately 20% on good leads.  This should be an OK calculation but you can do your own math to make this more realistic to your situation.
*** Assuming 5,000.00 gross profit per sale on initial sale.  Residual and lifetime values may increase this even more.

Our Goal

We love it when we can provide our customers with their more leads and more sales. That’s why we have the best and most creative people in the industry on hand to design and build websites, lead generation email campaigns, direct mail systems, and cold calling teams that work.  

Exactly what you need and want: more profitable sales without the headaches.

All of these integrated with our own custom built, enterprise CRM and email marketing systems.