Amazing Email Software

Who is this software for?

Businesses, non-profits, retail, home offices, groups and associations, who have a list, want to build a list and have something to say to their prospects and customers.  Companies and teams who want to communicate effectively and efficiently using email.

What can you send with it?

Send personalized email newsletters, announcements, order confirmations, reminders, notices, news alerts, coupons, special offers and more

What technical skills do I need to use this?

Ability to write an email message using outlook or MS Word.  We do the rest.  Schedule them ahead of time, or send them at a regular interval, we help to ensure your campaigns are successful.

What other software or hardware do I need?

This software includes everything you need.

How can I get help with questions?

Just call us at (902) 830-2403
100% satisfaction guarantee when you purchase

Number of users

Our enterprise version can be accessed by multiple users from multiple locations and departments.

Bulletproof email engine

Bulletproof email sending engine never crashes, never stops trying to send, even if your ISP or mail server goes down.

Test emails

Allows you to send test emails to yourself to make sure your message is working correctly.

User-level security

Each user can be assigned a unique login, password and permissions.

Click-based unsubscribes with confirmation

Allows users to unsubscribe with a click, then presents them with a unsubscribe confirmation screen.

Send Attachments

Email attachments can be added to campaigns for larger impact PDFs, brochures etc..  

Email campaign scheduler

Email campaign scheduler lets you schedule automatic start times for any email campaign.

Email Marketing

It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.

-Patricia Fripp

Email marketing is the cheapest form of communication, and we can teach you how to engage using this medium.  Combined with your web presence, a CRM system and a training program that you will capitalize upon relationships - current and new ones.

Chicken Feeder

What started out as an off the cuff name for a system of web and application development during the creation of the in house emailing system soon turned into the Code Name for our fully functional enterprise level email marketing and communication tool. 

The "Chicken Feeder" as it is lovingly called around the office is looking for a more professional name for commercialization.  But until then: 

The Chicken Feeder is the efficient way to inform your peeps!