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The video below will help get you started working with ITO.  Using our proprietary google adwords, landing pages, email marketing and CRM tool for an integrated "Cradle to Grave" sales system.

About Us

ITO began in 1989 with one focus in mind - serving the computer needs of small business.  We have gone through tremendous change in the last 20 years working with our client’s computer and web marketing needs.  We now offer a complete solution including networking consulting, project management, internet services that include website hosting, web development, web marketing and lead conversion training as well as an amazing CRM that will help you close more leads, be more organized and communicate better with your customers.

In 1996 we incorporated and in 1998 we changed our name to ITO.  More recently we have solidified our position in the small business marketplace through two strategic partnering relationships with the project management firm Pinnacle Project Management and a training firm Think Business Training.  These relationships have enabled ITO to expand it's offering into custom web development that will span from small business needs to enterprise solutions.

Now, more than ever, we are prepared to advance the extent and quality and depth of our services and products for the next decade.

What’s Different about ITO?

We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients by providing the best in technology outsourcing.  ITO is somewhat unique in the computer industry as we are business people with technology expertise not computer enthusiasts with a business interest.  We understand what it takes to run a successful business and possess the skills to be a valuable resource for our clients’ operations.  We understand how to best apply the benefits of technology to the overall effort of our clients’ business objectives. 

Combining technology, programming, database and the internet with your marketing ans sales efforts is the best way to leverage your investment in people, technology and marketing.  Ask us how we do, and some of the success we have had.

Another unique trait of ITO is that we are a one-stop technology source - we consult on it all.  We can handle any technology or computer need therefore providing our clients with the benefit of only dealing with one company to satisfy all of their requirements.  We have been in the marketplace long enough to know who's good and who's great, what services and solutions will best fit your needs.  Most of the time we do the consultations for free because we know we will earn your business. 

The ITO Guarantee

We are confident in what we do and stand behind our service and products 100%.  We provide a complete satisfaction guarantee and have never walked away from a project without successfully satisfying the client.  When someone puts his or her trust in us we make certain to get it done correctly.

Our Services

Using our proprietary google adwords, landing pages, email marketing and CRM tool for an integrated "Cradle to Grave" sales system.

Find out how we can create a website that will work for you. While you sleep. 

Combined with our Training courses you will learn how to make money from the web 

A Customer Relationship Management system that works the way your sales team works 

Google adwords, marketplace, and a social media platform for your customers 

A built in email marketing system that is integrated into your CRM and your website for total data integration